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5 stars!!! Amy Louise on May 23, 2019

Very tasty coffee.  Super fast shipping. The customer service is great!! and the coffee is delicious.

Amy Lou.

Simply Fantastic!!!

5 stars!!! Sammy on Nov 09, 2018

Fantastic coffee!! Extremely happy and super fast delivery. I had it within a week! =] 


Quality! 20Oz Vacuum Tumbler

Rob W on Dec 21, 2018

Great product. Quality is great. Very happy with this, will be using this daily on my commutes to work #Sipandsmilecoffee 

Rob W.

'' Sipping and smiling '' K-Cups, Pods!!

'' Sipping and smiling ''Amanda Kennedy on Aug 18, 2018

With four coffee drinkers in our house, we go through lots of coffee. Great product, fast shipping. Just ordered the 60 pack! 

Amanda Kennedy.


5 stars on 22nd June 2019. Quality products, just ordered a 60 pack of pods! and loving my new selection of Coffee Mugs. ''SippingNSmiling''

John.D 6/22/2019

About Us

Welcome to Sip & Smile Coffee

Sip & Smile Coffeestarted in 2018 by one coffee enthusiast with a love for great coffee. This quickly grew to something much bigger than imagined. With the catchy name its something people continue to say. SIP & SMILE.

Delivering unique & fresh coffees from around the world for a fair price. 

Our freshly made Coffee is shipped from Illinois. We have different roasts, and grinds. Our coffee comes from 17 different origins. Each origin has a unique flavor, ensuring you always ''SIP & SMILE'' coffee. We roast them and grind them in many different ways: Light, Medium, Italian and Dark Roast. All of our coffee is roasted 24 hours before shipment. We take great pride in how we prepare, roast and ship our coffee to you.

From your online order to the cup in your hands... 

Once you order your coffee our roasting house located in Illinois, starts to make your dream come true, then we process and pack the bean the way you want: Whole bean, Espresso, Fine, Standard, Medium coarse, Coarse. Finally, you will receive a fresh product that you can enjoy alone, with your loved one, with your family or your friends.
We guarantee you a pleasant experience with our coffee. Your satisfaction is our biggest reward, you'll be sipping & smiling. 

To keep up to date on new coffees, giveaways and promotions, subscribe below and follow our social media accounts for exclusive flash deals. Links located at the bottom of our page.

Dont forget to Rise & Grind! We will look forward to seeing you again soon! 

Thanks again for joining us on this journey, we’re so happy to have you! And we look forward to opening future coffee houses.

#SipandSmileCoffee @Sipandsmilecoffee  

Outstanding Coffee

Highest Quality Coffee All our coffee is freshly roasted! Whole bean coffee ships the same day it is roasted. Ground coffee is shipped the day after it is roasted. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee If you are ever unsatisfied with our service, we will gladly refund you the money... no questions asked!