About Us



Sip & Smile Coffee, started in 2018 by one coffee enthusiast with a love for great coffee, I mean who doesn't take a sip of great coffee then smile? this quickly grew to something much bigger than imagined and with the catchy name its something people continue to say. SIP & SMILE.

We strive to deliver unique & fresh coffees from around the world for a fair price that ensures resources are going back to the farms our coffees originate from.

Your Coffee is shipped from Illinois. We have different roasts, and grinds. Our coffee comes from 17 different origins. Each origin has a unique flavor, ensuring you always SIP & SMILE your coffee. We can roast them and grind them in many different ways: Light, Medium, and Dark Roast. All of our coffee is roasted 24 hours before shipment. We take great pride in how we prepare, roast and ship our coffee to you.

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Dont forget to Rise & Grind and follow your dreams! We will look forward to seeing you again soon! 

Thanks again for joining us on this journey, we’re so happy to have you! 

Remeber to #SipandSmileCoffee